The world’s shortest international bridge links Spain and Portugal

Plenty of countries are connected by bridges, but none of them are as short as the one that links Spain and Portugal.  The wooden bridge that crosses the stream between Spain’s La Codosera and Portugal’s Arronches stretches a mere 10.4 feet or 3.25 metres. Don’t expect to drive across. It’s for pedestrians only, although it’s okay to cross on your bicycle.

Video: Towards the sun

Love this blend of slow-motion and stop-motion video that portrays a visit to the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands.

Video: Camino 2015

It’s Good Friday so what better way to celebrate the day than with a trippy travel video depicting scenes along the pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

How not to speak Spanish

It’s important to learn a bit of the local language when you visit a country. Former soccer player Vinnie Jones offers these pointers in a mobile phone advertisement on how to habla a bit of Castellano the next time you visit Spain. I love his accent, both of them!