Video: Saigon sail!

I remember when a car was a rare sight in Saigon and bicycles were everywhere. A lot has changed since then and this video dramatically illustrates the scale and energy of this amazing Vietnamese city that is officially known as Ho Chi Minh City, but will forever be Saigon.

Video: One Minute in Vietnam

It’s closer to two minutes in Vietnam, but this video is a nice peek at the beauty of this amazing Asian destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Photo: Selling flowers in Hoi An, Vietnam

I spotted this woman selling flowers in the market in Hoi An, Vietnam and was instantly attracted to the colours in the scene. She knew I was taking her photo, as did all of the other women nearby who insisted I do her the favour of buying some of her flowers, which I did. I then found myself standing there with a massive bouquet of flowers I didn’t need. Not far away was a restaurant where I had eaten the day before where I gave them to a server who was particularly friendly to us. She seemed puzzled by the sudden gift, but at least it kept my hands free to take more photos.

Video: How to haggle prices in Vietnam

For people used to paying the price marked an item, haggling can be a frightening experience. What if you pay too much? So what if you do? As long as you think it’s a fair price, then it is.

This first-person video gives you a look at what it’s like to haggle with a street vendor in Vietnam and offers a few tips on how to do it. The most important lesson? The person selling to you is trying to make a living so let him earn some money on the transaction.

Video: Motorbikes in Hanoi

What’s it like to ride a motorbike in the streets of Hanoi at night? This video gives you a taste of what a crazy thrill ride it can be.

Video: V I E T

Vietnam is one of my favourite places to visit and one view of this awesome video will give you a tiny taste of what a visitor can expect and just might inspire you to discover it for yourself.

Photos: Vibrant views of Vietnam

Vietnam is one of my favourite countries to visit. It’s mostly because of the people, but it’s hard not to love their culture, their food and the spectacular scenery that can be found from one end of the country to the other. Here are some nice views that will give you a taste of what Vietnam offers visitors:

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Photo: Inside Surprise Cave in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

On a cruise aboard the luxurious Emeraude in Ha Long Bay, we stopped at Bo Hon Island to visit Surprise Cave.

The cave is aptly named. As you approach what appears to be an unremarkable opening in the limestone cliffs, you enter a sprawling underground chamber festooned with a dizzying display of stalactites and stalagmites. Coloured lights designed to highlight the cave’s features only add to the spectacle. That’s the surprise that awaits visitors not expecting much as they approach from the outside.

One of the best parts about visiting the cave is that the air is deliciously cool compared to the outside which can be staggeringly hot.

Video: The road story Vietnam

Vietnam. Such a beautiful country with such beautiful people. Enjoy this video made by two brothers who spent 45 days backpacking through the country. It evokes the sense of freedom and discovery that travel grants us.