Photos: Instagram-worthy views of Italy

Photo of Florence, ,Italy by umaturistanasnuvens via Instagram

April 25 is Liberation Day in Italy, or as it’s known there, Festa della Liberazione. The national holiday is when Italy commemorates the end of the Second World War and honours its war dead.

Many Canadian soldiers helped in that liberation, fighing in battles in Sicily, Ortona, the Liri Valley and Rimini.

To mark the occasion, here’s a gallery of photos of beautiful Italy.

The world’s longest zip line

According to Zip Line Rider the longest zip line in the world is The Eye of the Jaguar in Peru’s Sacred Valley, about 45 minutes north of Cusco. The line is an eye-popping 2,130 metres long.

The growth of the 1-million+ city

The first city to reach a population of one million people was Rome, Italy. It reached that mark in 133 B.C. Today, there are more than 500 urban agglomerations with populations over a million.