Daily travel links for 2020-10-27: Overtourism overhaul, deferring cruise travel and livestreaming might be hear to stay

    • These destinations that were once #overtourism hotspots are taking steps to reduce visitor numbers after the travel pause which likely means that the problem will shift to other cities… https://t.co/aRELMUuA0w

Daily travel links for 2020-10-26: Encouragement from Canada’s tourism industry, Mexico’s latest magical town and new Caribbean tourism strategies

    • Canada’s tourism industry is encouraging people to #travel, but the real struggle seems to be to convince people to buy what they’re selling… https://t.co/EZpeIsvAM8


Daily travel links for 2020-10-23: State travel restrictions, celebrity loopholes and a bonus for Air Canada passengers

woman traveller with mask in airport
    • If you’re considering going to the United States, be aware that nearly half of all states have #travel restrictions of their own… https://t.co/2WjpwEzbwy
    • Since they’re not being used much these days, Air Canada is putting its all-business class jets on holiday routes this winter and charging economy fares… https://t.co/bhNhVKFk9B


Daily travel links for 2020-10-22: Contrarian COVID worries, a promising travel app and travelling south this winter

Coronavirus subway cleaning
    • People are worried about getting sick when they #travel on a plane during the #pandemic, where the risk is low, then drop their guard when they get to their destination, where the risk is higher… https://t.co/wTMAkXS8qi
    • Can this #app help save the #travel industry? Betteridge’s Law of Headlines states that any headline that ends with a question mark can be answered with a ‘no.’… https://t.co/ej4i3wqn7m
    • I grew up on Atari video games, so I am intrigued that the first Atari hotel is opening in Las #Vegas, but don’t really get the brand connection… https://t.co/wZg1GvVrhH


Daily travel links for 2020-10-21: Rising passenger numbers, business travel’s dim future and Canadian travellers banned

    • The good news is the TSA screened over 1 million daily travellers for the first time since March, but the bad news is that it’s still a lot fewer than normal… https://t.co/t7j9ZRNKl3
    • Canadians have been removed from EU’s list of approved travellers because of rising COVID-19 cases.… https://t.co/mZnhuOaAct