Daily travel news for 2021-06-18: The inconvenience of sustainability, Road trip video games and Border closed again

    • Survey after survey shows that travellers care deeply about sustainability. But surveys also show they care less if it costs them money or inconveniences them in any way… https://t.co/2BBEhVIva9
    • Not really a shocker that restrictions at the Canada-U.S. border will remain in place until at least July 21.… https://t.co/4zTmmYCddf


Daily travel news for 2021-06-17: AstraZeneca travel problems, Hilton’s connecting rooms and ArriveCan app as vaccine passport

    • Think your AstraZeneca vaccination counts? Not in New York, and potentially other places in the US, a country which never approved the vaccine… https://t.co/mgl1MDy85G
    • Starting in early July, a new feature on the ArriveCan app will serve as vaccination certificate for travellers entering Canada… https://t.co/I4JWv84VUF


Canada-U.S. border closure likely to be extended into July

Canada-US border

It looks increasingly likely that the U.S.-Canada border closure will be extended until at least July 21 and if only fully-vaccinated travellers are allowed to enter once it does reopen, will the United States let in Canadians vaccinated with AstraZeneca, a vaccine that isn’t approved for use in that country?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has signalled that he’d like to see 75 per cent of Canadians be fully vaccinated before the border restrictions are lift and right now, that number sits at a little less than 15 per cent. 

And while there is a lot of pressure from the travel industry and politicians in border communities to re-open the frontier, a poll released by Angus Reid three weeks ago showed that nearly half of Canadians want it to remain closed until the fall (27%) or until the end of the year ( 21%).

Trudeau is set to discuss the issue with provincial and territorial leaders on Thursday.

The federal government has said it is ready to relax entry requirements for Canadian citizens in July who are fully vaccinated with vaccines that are recognized in Canada, which means anyone who has been vaccinated with the likes of Sinovax or Sputnik would not be eligible.

Some are wondering if the U.S. may turn the tables on Canadians with a similar restriction that requires they be fully vaccinated before entry. The trouble is many Canadians, not to mention much of the population of the United Kingdom, are vaccinated with AstraZeneca, a vaccine that is not recognized for use in the United States.

The first Broadway show to re-open in New York City has said it would only allow fully-vaccinated people to enter the theatre, but would exclude anyone who took AstraZeneca.

The waters for foreign travel get muddier with anyone who has mixed vaccine doses as different jurisdictions are not in agreement on the practice.

Daily travel news for 2021-06-16: Prague wants you stay home, Don’t email on vacation and A motel resurgence

    • The science says that if you want to live longer, stop checking your work e-mail while you are on vacation.… https://t.co/7VC0OnoAzw
    • Motels have seen a resurgence in popularity during the pandemic since every room has its own direct exit and you don’t share a germy hallway with other guests… https://t.co/nFHqmeXfOK


Travel Trivia Quiz #6: Which airline tail is that?

airplanes lined up at the airport

How good are you at identifying airlines from the tails on their airplanes? If you’ve spent enough time around airports, chances are good that you recognize a lot of them, but some aren’t so obvious. Test your knowledge with our airline logo quiz:

Welcome to your Travel Trivia Quiz #6 - Airline Tails

Which airline logo is this?airline logo
Which airline logo is this?airline logo
Which airline logo is this?airline logo
Which airline logo is this?
Which airline logo is this?airline logo
Which airline logo is this?
Which airline logo is this?airline logo
Which airline logo is this?
Which airline logo is this?airline logo
Which airline logo is this?airline logo