Daily travel news for 2021-11-25: EU requiring boosters, Guilt-free flying and James Bond’s poor travel hygeine

COVID vaccine dose
    • Considering the surge in COVID cases in Europe, it’s no surprise that the EU now says that #travel between states should be contingent on people having a third booster shot against the virus… https://t.co/6lhjzkEL0U
    • By today’s emission standards, the aviation industry will generate 21.2 *gigatons* of carbon over the next three decades meaning it will be a while before we can fly guilt-free… https://t.co/hFBPZn8KwS
    • Is donating COVID vaccines the new tree planting for companies looking to be more socially responsible?… https://t.co/IUUDD6juie

Daily travel news for 2021-11-24: An Airbus in Antarctica, New Zealand re-opening and Trivago CEO bullish on travel recovery

    • Remember when we thought sustainable #travel might be a thing? A boutique adventure company just landed an Airbus in Antarctica… https://t.co/Ui2tfROhlY
    • When even fortress New Zealand says it will reopen to vaccinated travellers, then you know there’s reason for optimism… https://t.co/sH5OTxTse3
    • Despite the border reopening, the good people of Buffalo are still waiting for Canadian tourists to arrive.… https://t.co/xYgF6LKehb
    • The International Air Transport Association urges governments to adopt simple, predictable, and practical measures to restore travel… https://t.co/mQYxOoksBn


Daily travel news for 2021-11-23: Air Transat interlining, Disney or a real vacation and Lufthansa’s mystery flights

    • With ‘connectair by Air Transat’, the tour operator becomes the first Canadian #airline to offer a virtual interlining service… https://t.co/mlWVAy0mNq
    • Lufthansa is now offering ‘mystery flights’ where you book a trip without knowing your final destination.… https://t.co/CVh4kuahWk
    • Under some legal pressure to do so, Marriott will now more prominently disclose its resort fees.… https://t.co/QsoDRYtMHe
    • Hotels are trying to be more green, but guests’ behaviour is proving to be a challenge. For example, they like to leave their room air conditioning on all day… https://t.co/0bmvwEANkk


Daily travel news for 2021-11-22: Making tourism sustainable, Fear of pandemic travel and Making booster shots mandatory

    • This is an interesting analysis of how Canadians’ perception of the risk of #travel during the pandemic have been shaped by the media and by government messaging… https://t.co/3v63hgwhP7
    • Many countries welcome fully-vaccinated travellers, but could fully-vaccinated soon mean three doses instead of two? https://t.co/XpkiGsd32A
    • Why on Earth would you need to change the toilet roll when you stay at a #hotel? Is it because it might have germs? Wash your hands!… https://t.co/MesqRxwsKu
    • These 6 countries are putting restrictions on travellers who haven’t received a third booster shot against the coronavirus… https://t.co/RmATj7po8H


Daily travel news for 2021-11-19: Philippines re-opening, Free COVID tests and Best travel books of 2021