Daily travel links for 2020-12-02: Airlines’ vaccine challenges, Japan criticized and wooing the business traveller

    • A digital media company that owns The Points Guy has bought Lonely Planet and says it remains committed to publishing the print version of their guideooks.… https://t.co/gY23ZKSZzB
    • With Italy and France bowing to German pressure to ban ski holidays for a spell due to Covid, Austria is set to grudgingly follow suit, but Swizterland is holding out… https://t.co/sMVKhhsAJo


Daily travel links for 2020-12-01: Dump your travel credit card, my city is the best and pointless travel awards for 2020

    • Should you renew your #travel credit card for 2021? Are those rewards points actually going to be worth anything when the cash-starved airlines start welcoming travellers after the pandemic?… https://t.co/NiSrKAPoWh
    • Personal identity and geographic location are inextricably linked which is why everyone thinks their city is best in the world… https://t.co/uEgeMFUOcH
    • It seems a bit silly that World Travel Awards were handed out for 2020, but I’m sure Madrid is chuffed that it was the best meetings destination… https://t.co/HLnIEkPnXY


Daily travel links for 2020-11-30: Canada extends restrictions, love for pilgrimages and selling sleeper rows

    • Canada will extend its restrictions for all travellers entering the country, except from the United States, until January 21… https://t.co/b8smxNa2Yq
    • That joy of getting a full row of seats to yourself in economy class will be a thing of the past with #Lufthansa selling them off as sleeper rows… https://t.co/SXR7SIElCe


Daily travel links for 2020-11-27: Unpopular travel opinions, travel vaccines and Mexico COVID warning

    • Considering so many Americans travelled this Thanksgiving against all medical advice, I’m guessing this Centers for Disease Control’s message to avoid Mexico because of rising COVID cases is falling on deaf ears… https://t.co/4Ts67fRaUq


Daily travel links for 2020-11-26: Canada can’t stop travellers, the year’s best travel books and roadblocks for Hawaii’s testing plan

    • Canada advises its citizens to avoid #travel, but can’t stop them from leaving the country because it’s unconstitutional… https://t.co/QANYXtjFVX
    • #Hawaii‘s pre-travel covid testing plan has taken a hit as #Kauai says it wants out of the program and CVS, who are administering many of the tests, can’t keep up… https://t.co/QuF6E2UOP6
    • Germany wants the EU to make a deal to close European ski resorts for at least the next month to help slow the coronavirus pandemic in the places where it first spread early in the year… https://t.co/QMHkkSE5I5