Daily travel links for 2021-01-15: More COVID on flights, pandemic travel and a Cuban poet

    • As thousands of Canadians seek sunny escapes despite the surging COVID-19 crisis, many say it’s because the government’s messaging on non-essential travel is unclear… https://t.co/weVMe4Mo8n
    • Canadians flying to the US will note have to take 2 COVID tests, one before leaving for each country.… https://t.co/fd7MUiDQjW


Daily travel links for 2021-01-14: 52 places for 2021, avoiding overtouristed destinations and praising COVID testing

    • There are some incredible destinations highlighted in this year’s 52 Places list from @nytimestravel, but what truly is remarkable is that they were all chosen and described by their readers. I hope they do that every year… https://t.co/Hh3wgFs7vm
    • The US #travel industry is praising the CDC’s new COVID testing requirement for air travellers, but thinks quarantine times should be shortened or eliminated… https://t.co/7VB0v21n11

Daily travel links for 2021-01-13: Vaccine tourism, travel and the brain plus 10 best virtual travel experiences

    • Not being able to go away on vacation affects your brain. This is what you can do about it. https://t.co/8UvN7q5IBD
    • The number of cases is relatively small, but a growing percentage of passengers returning to Canada from holiday destinations have been COVID positive… https://t.co/IfoXHFvP9P
    • The owners of the popular NYC tourist attraction The Vessel are looking for ways for people to stop killing themselves there… https://t.co/3NgMbOgOcZ

Daily travel links for 2021-01-12: Reconsidering America, vaccine discrimination and rules-flouting tourists

    • The World Travel and Tourism Council came out against mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, says it’s a form of discrimination… https://t.co/PbECLYFN4S

Daily travel links for 2021-01-11: Barbados refunds, onboard roller coasters and pandemic timeshares

Barbados Pebbles beach
    • #Barbados is offering refunds and free return trips to Canadian travellers stranded there because of Canada’s new COVID testing rules and the delays they are experiencing getting tested… https://t.co/9mkgBYIGU5
    • Owning a vacation timeshare during a pandemic isn’t the greatest situation. Here’s how too get out of it.… https://t.co/2gNlvTItlT