Daily travel links for 2020-10-29: COVID probabilities, Europe’s grand tours and landmark airports

    • As this article explains, those who elect to #travel during the pandemic find the experience altered in ways large and small… https://t.co/BmXOEJJvnC
    • One positive side-effect of fewer tourists on beaches is that it’s helping endangered sea turtles.… https://t.co/n1JV0rBu2f


Daily travel links for 2020-10-28: Missing business-class passengers, tourism’s return and naming solar storms

    • If you fly economy in the future, you’re going to miss those business-class passengers who won’t be on your flight.… https://t.co/OF0Sp5VtZJ
    • If hurricanes can get names then why can’t the solar storms that cause the Aurora Borealis? That’s the brainstorm of Visit Arctic Europe that wants people to suggest names for future Northern Lights displays… https://t.co/FEIohSE5Dl
    • A recent Harvard study says that flying during the pandemic is safer than many other daily activities. Meanwhile, a second study says it remains a threat… https://t.co/GN8TM9rqvF

Daily travel links for 2020-10-27: Overtourism overhaul, deferring cruise travel and livestreaming might be hear to stay

    • These destinations that were once #overtourism hotspots are taking steps to reduce visitor numbers after the travel pause which likely means that the problem will shift to other cities… https://t.co/aRELMUuA0w

Daily travel links for 2020-10-26: Encouragement from Canada’s tourism industry, Mexico’s latest magical town and new Caribbean tourism strategies

    • Canada’s tourism industry is encouraging people to #travel, but the real struggle seems to be to convince people to buy what they’re selling… https://t.co/EZpeIsvAM8


Daily travel links for 2020-10-23: State travel restrictions, celebrity loopholes and a bonus for Air Canada passengers

woman traveller with mask in airport
    • If you’re considering going to the United States, be aware that nearly half of all states have #travel restrictions of their own… https://t.co/2WjpwEzbwy
    • Since they’re not being used much these days, Air Canada is putting its all-business class jets on holiday routes this winter and charging economy fares… https://t.co/bhNhVKFk9B