Daily travel links for 2017-12-14: Frequent flier miles, happy airports and travel myths

    • The next time you #travel, don’t take any pictures, opines this writer, who will likely regret that decision years from now… https://t.co/wD0SfEq3ir
    • No more rushing for overhead space on @AmericanAir because it’s increasing the size of its overhead bins. And adding highway lanes also ends traffic… https://t.co/MAW89jHkcz

Daily travel links for 2017-12-13: Embracing winter, Pittsburgh’s airport and airline baggage fees


Daily travel links for 2017-12-11: Favourite travel reads, motel life and hidden cameras

    • I love that the EU wants to hand out free Interrail tickets to 18-year-olds on their birthdays.… https://t.co/U3F5c2uQGi
    • Check out this advice on how to capture Hong Kong street life on your camera like a pro. https://t.co/7vzQHz8TZ5


Daily travel links for 2017-12-08: Voluntourism backlash, travel miseries, and big resto portions

    • Fancy restos are nice, but sometimes the portions are ridiculously small. Here are some Canadian eateries that will… https://t.co/59Qlc6kFJB

Daily travel links for 2017-12-07: Millennial aspirations, early morning flights and most Instagrammed cities

    • Experts say you should only book early morning flights because they’re on time, not crowded and have less turbulenc… https://t.co/YO2DJATq7R
    • In case you missed it, here is a list of the 10 most Instagrammed cities of 2017. Is yours on the list?… https://t.co/XFhHyRa308


Daily travel links for 2017-11-27: Night in a bunker, McDonald’s demolition and European driving

    • Who hasn’t wanted to spend the night in a Cold War nuclear missile silo? This Airbnb property lets you do just that… https://t.co/sZgcugFlNh


Daily travel links for 2017-11-24: Before in-flight movies, travel gifts and the greatest map


Daily travel links for 2017-11-23: Concorde memories, Indian train travel and Soviet motorcycles

    • What’s the difference between explorers, anthropologists and tourists? Wait, don’t you mean “authentic” travellers… https://t.co/vaG6K0WnjB
    • Nice to know that Sacha Baron Cohen offered to pay the fines for tourists inspired by Borat and his mankini.… https://t.co/JMEPqj8rdl
    • I was hoping to skate on the Canada 150 rink on Parliament Hill this February when I was going to be there for a hockey tournament in February, but it closes Jan. 1… https://t.co/L7UrinDEsv
    • The city of #Rome wants to keep the €1 million in coins tossed into the Trevi Fountain each year. Do you blame them… https://t.co/N6OgGWjzFv

Daily travel links for 2017-11-22: Boarding the plane last, Instagram ruins travel and Newoundland at Pearson

    • Interesting to see British Airways introduce a ‘poor door’ boarding policy ,forcing the cheapest ticket holders to board last… https://t.co/XVMKyjs3Gc

Daily travel links for 2017-11-21: Alternative travel spots, North American Christmas markets and determining boarding order