Photos: Bountiful views of Bangkok

We call it Bangkok. The Thais call it Krung Thep. Whatever you call it, it’s a big, sprawling city that is both beautiful and frustrating. It is a major airline hub in Southeast Asia so many travellers pass through it. Here are the sorts of things they see when they arrive:

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Photos: Beautiful views of Bangkok

Recent violence is keeping some travellers away from Bangkok, but if you’re planning on spending any kind of time in Southeast Asia, chances are you’ll find yourself in the Thai capital before long. Here are some images that capture tiny slices of this sprawling, beautiful, infuriating city.

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Video: 3 Months in Thailand

Three months of travelling around Thailand with a GoPro and a drone yielded this killer video that shows off the stunning beauty of a land long popular with visitors.

Video: Chiang Rai

Thailand has long been popular with tourists to Southeast Asia, and for good reason. The people are great, the food is great and the scenery is great.

The country’s northernmost city, Chiang Rai, is a gateway to one of the most beautiful parts of Thailand. This traveller lived there for several years and compiled a video of his favourite spots.

Video: Koh Yao Noi

Some of the most stunning travel videos are being made these days with drones, small, remote-controlled airplanes outfitted with cameras, typically GoPros. This one of a remote Thai island that is off the full-moon party circuit is particularly stunning. I like that the photographer used a lot of ground-level shots to show things in a more human scale.