Listen to live air traffic control radio on

Listening to air traffic controllers on the radio is not an activity that appeals to everyone, but there are enough aviation geeks out there that it has spawned an entire website that collects dozens of live streams from airports around the world. Get your #avgeek fix on

Flight Connections shows you all the flights from any airport

You can pretty much fly from any one point on Earth to another within a day or two, but chances are you’d have to make multiple connections to do so. Flight Connections shows you the direct flights from every major airport so you can plot your travels most efficiently.

Remembering Solari boards

Before the advent of TV monitors, airport terminals presented arrival and departure times on electro-mechanical split-flap displays. They were commonly known as Solari boards after their Italian manufacturer or as Pragotrons for those who bought them from their Czech competitor. Travellers old enough to remember the displays can tell you they made a distinctive clatter whenever the times were refreshed.

City Hook helps you figure out your non-taxi options for getting from an airport to downtown.

Check The Airport gives you information about airports around the world.

Love hotels and watching airplanes? Combine the two by booking a Plane Spotting Hotel.

Ever take a close look at the carpetting at airports? This guy does.

Have a long enough layover at the airport for a workout? Airport Gyms has you covered.

Where do those three-letter airport codes come from? tells you.

<a target=”_blank” href=””>Where do those three-letter airport codes come from? tells you.</a>