Video: What makes flying so expensive?

Have you ever wondered how airline tickets are priced and why they are so costly? It’s not just the high cost of fuel that drives the prices up, as this video explains in great detail.

IATA Travel Centre checks your travel documents

The IATA Travel Centre is a handy website from the international trade association that governs air travel. Feed it your itinerary and it will tell you whether your travel documents are sufficient or whether you need a visa. It can also give you lots of useful travel information about things like currency, airports, travel with pets and lots more.

Flyover Country lets you identify what you see from your airplane window on the ground below.

Flyover Country lets you identify what you see from your airplane window on the ground below.

Why are airplane windows round?

The corners of aircraft windows have rounded corners to avoid stress on the fuselage at high altitude caused by the difference between the internal and external air pressure, a lesson that was learned after a crash of the de Havilland Comet jet airliner in the 1950s which featured square windows.

Webflyer is the online resource for airline loyalty programs.

The Great Circle Mapper will chart your airline routes.

For the best airline reviews, nobody beats SkyTrax

The Mileage Club is the place for people to buy frequent-flyer miles.

Photos: The view from the window seat

When the sky is clear and the sun is out, there’s no movie on the in-flight entertainment system that beats the view out of an airplane window.

Here are some amazing views captured by travellers from around the world:


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Combine two back-to-back round-trip flights with a layover to save money.