“Travel is as much a passion as ambition or love.” -Letitia Elizabeth Landon

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Photos: Marvelous views of Mexico

I just got back from a trip that took me through parts of Oaxaca and Mexico City and was moved once again by what an amazing destination Mexico is. There are those who are frightened by news reports of violence in the country that would never visit, but they are missing out on a land of beautiful people and deep culture. These photos scratch the surface of what I experienced while I was there:

The view near Playa Carrizalillo in Puerto Escondido, #Mexico is okay.

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The catch of the day in Puerto Escondido today was mahi-mahi.

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Piquante chiles in the market in Puerto Escondido, #Mexico.

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The Sun sets at @vivoresorts near Puerto Escondido, #mexico.

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Street #art in Puerto Escondido, #Mexico.

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Always eat where the locals eat. In Puerto Escondido, that's La Juquiliña.

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Pretty scenery in the area around San José Mantieltepec in #Oaxaca, #Mexico.

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#Mexico is a #streetfood paradise.

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Shaved ice in #cdmx is known as raspado.

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Night falls on @vivoresorts near Puerto Escondido in #Oaxaca, #Mexico.

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Daily travel links for 2018-02-09: Hamster hate, digital addiction and sick-bag poetry

    • Student says she flushed her hamster down the airplane toilet after Spirit Airlines denied passage. Talk about a PR disaster… https://t.co/4kthL5BLP7
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Daily travel links for 2018-02-08: Rolf Potts’ wisdom, snow in Paris and Millennial travel goals

    • Best quote from this Rolf Potts interview? “Nobody should #travel around the world just to sit in front of a laptop and fart around…” https://t.co/t0hxeCs7dm
    • Oh, isn’t that cute! It snowed in Paris! Meanwhile, here in Montreal, I have to fire up my snowblower for the 2nd time this week… https://t.co/aYOWTZIFpp
    • A 10-day, 1,600-km self-drive tuk tuk rally across Sri Lanka sounds like my kind of fun. https://t.co/UF0i6O1vcb