Daily travel links for 2017-11-23: Concorde memories, Indian train travel and Soviet motorcycles

    • What’s the difference between explorers, anthropologists and tourists? Wait, don’t you mean “authentic” travellers… https://t.co/vaG6K0WnjB
    • Nice to know that Sacha Baron Cohen offered to pay the fines for tourists inspired by Borat and his mankini.… https://t.co/JMEPqj8rdl
    • I was hoping to skate on the Canada 150 rink on Parliament Hill this February when I was going to be there for a hockey tournament in February, but it closes Jan. 1… https://t.co/L7UrinDEsv
    • The city of #Rome wants to keep the €1 million in coins tossed into the Trevi Fountain each year. Do you blame them… https://t.co/N6OgGWjzFv

Daily travel links for 2017-11-22: Boarding the plane last, Instagram ruins travel and Newoundland at Pearson

    • Interesting to see British Airways introduce a ‘poor door’ boarding policy ,forcing the cheapest ticket holders to board last… https://t.co/XVMKyjs3Gc

Daily travel links for 2017-11-21: Alternative travel spots, North American Christmas markets and determining boarding order


Globe Genie will transport you anywhere

Who wouldn’t want the superpower to teleport to any place on the globe instantly? It may not be as good as the real thing, but Globe Genie harnesses the power of Google Street View to send you just about anywhere, virtually.


Daily travel links for 2017-11-20: Fixing over-tourism, the gay Taj and Barbuda devastation

    • What can we do about over-tourism? I’m sure we’ll solve that after we fix climate change. https://t.co/I03hlRYvbm

Daily travel links for 2017-11-17: Surprise airport concert, Delta’s last Jumbos and the Orient Express

“Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.” -Lawrence Block

Daily travel links for 2017-11-16: Travel addiction, gifts for travellers and discovering Goerlitz

    • You may never have heard of the German town of Goerlitz, but chances are you’ve seen it in the movies.… https://t.co/SEU3lcejKO


Daily travel links for 2017-11-15: Most dangerous countries, life in HEL and helping Puerto Rico

    • These are the most dangerous countries in the world to visit, but I still wouldn’t want to visit Syria right now.… https://t.co/HREYW3A5QR
    • Ever wonder which US flyover state has the most people flying over it? Data analysis can tell you.… https://t.co/MGSYMGclhn


Daily travel links for 2017-11-14: Tourism is everyone’s business, obscure ski resorts and Komodo dragons