Daily travel links for 2018-03-15: Backpacking granny, hotel light trick and world’s best airports

    • These are the best #airports in the world, although it’s not like you’d not fly to the bad ones if that’s where you were going… https://t.co/9ufOU7ueZ9
    • Here’s how every bridge in the world got covered in “love locks” and why it has to stop.  https://t.co/x7NULU88gi
    • A married couple in China were photographed together while travelling, a decade before they met. Kismet, I tell you… https://t.co/mvM1RiON2E

Daily travel links for 2018-03-14: Airline kills puppy, Eiffel Tower makeover and Indian adresses

    • This story about a puppy dying on United Airlines flight after being forced into the overhead bin is mind-boggling.… https://t.co/miCMKHpsLM
    • Ever get lost trying to find an address in #India? Google Maps wants to chart the country’s streets to find its next billion users… https://t.co/zgVBcqWcSo


Daily travel links for 2018-03-13: Passport colours, topless cruises and walled cities


Daily travel links for 2018-03-12: Travel will prove you wrong, why airline seats are blue and the real Cuba

    • This is the ultimate #app for airplane passengers, as long as they are connected to wi-fi on their flights.… https://t.co/Lyu9f69Vw9
    • Anything by Pico Iyer is a must-read like this piece about keeping the outer journey short so the inner journey can last longer… https://t.co/g5US91RWAG

Daily travel links for 2018-03-09: Sugaring off near Montreal, the perfect road trip and Google’s hotel rates


Daily travel links for 2018-03-08: Last chance travel, quirky hotel jobs and extreme sites in the U.S.


Daily travel links for 2018-03-07: Visiting Saudi Arabia, Olympic memories at Lake Placid and cheap British Airways fares

    • British Airways is launching cheap, no-frills fares for transatlantic flights in April.  https://t.co/DoF6uLr4S8

Daily travel links for 2018-03-06: Touring Mexico’s markets, Branson’s private island and exploring Europe

Daily travel links for 2018-03-05: Travel addiction is real, more Chinese tourists and spruce beer

    • I suppose spruce beer is an acquired taste, but I love the stuff. Here’s everything you need to know about this odd beverage… https://t.co/FPhsskYwXe


Daily travel links for 2018-03-02: Oscar destinations, Swedish Klingons and Holbox development

    • Does your pet have a passport? With a Pet Pass, you can keep track of your pet’s travels. https://t.co/Skffe5P51p