Daily travel links for 2018-01-22: Cuban tourism booming, avoiding the flu, where not to travel

    • Here are some suggestions on how to avoid catching the flu while flying on a germy airplane.… https://t.co/28THhDV9ZJ


Daily travel links for 2018-01-19: Avoiding checked bags, calculating distance and sleeping on a plane

    • Who actually thinks wearing all of your clothing to avoid checked baggage fees is a good idea?… https://t.co/dMqf87cOnv
    • After losing a legal battle with The Eagles there will presumably still be plenty of room at the Hotel California.… https://t.co/mS48MnlSqk

Daily travel links for 2018-01-18: No more free bags, #metoo in tourism and savouring Cuba

    • These 10 definitions of ‘#luxury #travel‘ from within the industry show that it has different meanings to different people… https://t.co/0kbqFaYpDx
    • This writer believes that Instagrammers are sucking the life and soul out of #travel. Perhaps it’s just a symptom of a larger problem… https://t.co/qG3feiyu1V
    • Being a sober traveller isn’t easy. There are a lot of rum, whiskey, wine, tequila and beer trails out there.… https://t.co/XseG0ahQf1

Daily travel links for 2018-01-17: Exploring the Hippie Trail, surfing in Morocco and attracting visitors to Fukushima

    • Cool to see Lonely Planet reference my Globe & Mail story that mentioned the new ferry to St. Pierre and Miquelon.… https://t.co/hlz0X7Oe0E

Daily travel links for 2018-01-16: Warm destinations, healthy travelling and VR hype

    • Is virtual reality all hype and no substance? Haven’t we been asking that same question for 25 years?… https://t.co/zfzdvW9qwr
    • Everyone’s saying goodbye to the 747 Jumbo Jet, but its heir apparent, Airbus’ A380 superjumbo, might not last long enough to enjoy similar accolades… https://t.co/lQhmnDD4Pt


Daily travel links for 2018-01-15: Best-looking lounges, shithole countries and Spain outpacing America

Video: Is it safe to travel alone as a woman?

Travelling solo can be challenging for anyone, but for women, it’s even more so. These women travellers offer their advice and encouragement.

Daily travel links for 2018-01-12: Most instagrammed cruise destinations, effective passport use and Cuba advisory downgraded

Daily travel links for 2018-01-11: World’s longest mural, time to travel anywhere and Australian dogsledding


Daily travel links for 2018-01-10: Book towns, most-watched in-flight movie and visiting Camaguey

    • Ever been to a #book town? These are small rural town in which second–hand and antiquarian bookshops are concentrated… https://t.co/PGHjHgXQrm
    • You’ll be surprised that this was the most-watched in-flight movie on Qantas flights in 2017.… https://t.co/qVHWsPUxL6
    • Here’s how a holy relic of Saint Francis Xavier wiill be travelling across Canada this year.… https://t.co/HuahqYu5MH