Daily travel links for 2017-12-14: Frequent flier miles, happy airports and travel myths

    • The next time you #travel, don’t take any pictures, opines this writer, who will likely regret that decision years from now… https://t.co/wD0SfEq3ir
    • No more rushing for overhead space on @AmericanAir because it’s increasing the size of its overhead bins. And adding highway lanes also ends traffic… https://t.co/MAW89jHkcz

Daily travel links for 2017-12-13: Embracing winter, Pittsburgh’s airport and airline baggage fees


Video: Rhythms of Peru

Peru is more than just Machu Pichu. Let this video take you to some of the nation’s most iconic sites, but then lead you far off the tourist trail to see what the country is really like.

Daily travel links for 2017-12-11: Favourite travel reads, motel life and hidden cameras

    • I love that the EU wants to hand out free Interrail tickets to 18-year-olds on their birthdays.… https://t.co/U3F5c2uQGi
    • Check out this advice on how to capture Hong Kong street life on your camera like a pro. https://t.co/7vzQHz8TZ5


Daily travel links for 2017-12-08: Voluntourism backlash, travel miseries, and big resto portions

    • Fancy restos are nice, but sometimes the portions are ridiculously small. Here are some Canadian eateries that will… https://t.co/59Qlc6kFJB

Daily travel links for 2017-12-07: Millennial aspirations, early morning flights and most Instagrammed cities

    • Experts say you should only book early morning flights because they’re on time, not crowded and have less turbulenc… https://t.co/YO2DJATq7R
    • In case you missed it, here is a list of the 10 most Instagrammed cities of 2017. Is yours on the list?… https://t.co/XFhHyRa308


Photos: Eight days in Cuba

I was lucky to be invited back to Cuba by the Cuban Tourism Board to explore the country’s authentic culture in some of its eastern cities. We spent time in Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba and Holguin, and many spots in between.

We listened to a lot of music, ate a lot of food, tried a bit of dancing and generally were swept up the joie de vivre that is enjoyed by the Cuban people. It’s great to get away from winter by spending time on the beach, but you really can’t say you’ve visited Cuba until you take the time to see other parts of the country.

Hanging out in #Camagüey, #Cuba.

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Part of my ongoing series of Cuban #church tower photos …

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The view from el Castillo in Santiago de Cuba.

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Street scene in #Holguin, #Cuba.

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Niño in the doorway in #Holguín, #Cuba.

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An ancient American car rolls past in Santiago de Cuba.

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Admiring the #panoramic view of #Gibara from the roof of Hotel Odorño.

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Spotted this #pirate #gravestone in a museum in Santiago de #Cuba.

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Walking in the streets of the old city in #Camagüey, #Cuba.

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Daily travel links for 2017-11-27: Night in a bunker, McDonald’s demolition and European driving

    • Who hasn’t wanted to spend the night in a Cold War nuclear missile silo? This Airbnb property lets you do just that… https://t.co/sZgcugFlNh


Daily travel links for 2017-11-24: Before in-flight movies, travel gifts and the greatest map


“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” – Anita Desai