These essential items will make travelling with your dog a pleasure

More than ever, we’re taking our pets with us wherever we go, but travelling with animals isn’t easy. Thankfully, there is special gear to make it more comfortable for the both of you.

Here are some useful tools to take with you the next time you’re on the move with your pet. While most of these items are geared towards road-trip travel, a few of them are good no matter what your mode of transportation.


Teamoy Week-Away Dog Travel Bag

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Keeping track of all of your dog supplies can be a big job when you’re travelling with your pet. This spacious bag with its multiple pockets lets you organize your food, water, clothes, blankets, toys and any other pet essentials you need when you’re away from home. It also comes with a lined food container to store a copious amount of kibble along with two collapsible silicone bowls that hold 12 ounces of food or water. It even comes with a foldable placemat to keep your pet’s feeding area clean. 

Five-star review: “I take my dog everywhere with me and often overnight to diff places so i was looking for a good bag to put all his stuff in. This bag is awesome! So many pockets, lots of space, and super sturdy. I would highly recommend. Great material!”

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Pet Union luxury car seat cover

dog back seat cover
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The easiest way to travel with a dog is by car, but they can be a mess when you have them riding in the back seat. Problem solved with this high-quality car seat cover that protects your car seats from hair, dandruff, mud and liquids with its 100% waterproof fabric. The best part is, the seat cover can be cleaned hassle-free with a vacuum or damp cloth. The high quality thick material ensures it will last through wear and tear and provides resistance from claws and nails. It even doubles as a hammock so that your dog can ride in comfort and style. It comes equipped with zipper seat belt openings and clips to headrests for easy and simple installation and removal. It measures 62″ by 56″.

Five-star review: “Can’t recommend this enough! Fits both my vehicles and installs in less then 1 min. Washes in the machine. Still let’s me use seatbelts for my dogs harness and gives him a better sense of security as his legs can slip off seat. Also keeps 100% of the dirt off my vehicle. Great quality. Next day delivery in a handy carrying case. Highly recommend this product!”

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Portable dog water bottle

dog water bottle
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Giving your dog water while you’re on the go has never been easier with these clever portable dog water bottles. Made from food grade, lead and BPA-free ABS material, the bottle has a capacity of 12oz/350ml that lets you give your pet a quick drink when he or she is thirsty. Designed to be operated with one hand, you can slake your dog’s thirst even while holding to a leash or another pet. 

Five-star review: “A super convenient way of bringing water for my pup on our adventures. I like that it locks so it won’t leak in my backpack. Easy for the dogs to drink out of. It’s the right size for my pug for a few hours out, but if you have a bigger dog or are going out for longer you’d probably want to bring another water source.”

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