Photos: Amazing views of America

In honour of America’s July 4th birthday, here are some of the photos I’ve taken from my past few visits. I always enjoy my time visiting the United States. It’s a shame that the Canadian dollar is doing so poorly these days that it’s keeping Canadians from travelling there like they once did.

Mail a coconut from Hawaii

Even if you never send postcards, you will want to send one when you get to Molokai, Hawaii’s fifth-largest island. That’s because you can mail a coconut from the Hoolehua Post Office to anywhere in the world with a personalized message on it. The coconut is free, but postage isn’t.

Retro Road Map charts vintage destinations from all over the USA

If your travel tastes run towards motels with neon signs and visiting roller derby rinks, then Retro Road Map is the place for you to chart your vintage holiday while travelling across the USA.