Daily travel news for 2021-10-21: Snowbirds are ready, Business travel’s unlikely demise and Climate summit travel

    • Canada’s snowbirds are eager to #travel south this winter, but some are considering whether now is the time to divest themselves of their foreign property… https://t.co/gS4Kzzy6kO
    • The demise of business #travel would have far-reaching consequences on the industry, but does anyone really believe executives will give up that perk?… https://t.co/r0ftJjjKEE
    • The irony is that most of those attending the upcoming climate summit in Scotland will arrive by air, considered to be the most polluting form of transport, yet it’s cheaper than trains… https://t.co/s89GwgX9Ri


Daily travel news for 2021-10-20: Ever-changing COVID rules, Intrepid’s sustainability push and 15 Spectacular airport landings

    • iPhone users may not know this, but they can track flights directly in iMessage. Here’s how to use this useful travel trick… https://t.co/7i8b2GogBU
    • From Edinburgh to St Kilda, destinations in Scotland are being promoted as part of a sustainable tourism drive in time for the coming climate summit… https://t.co/bSuMsveIa5
    • Airline #travel is fraught with cancellations and disruptions thanks to the ongoing pandemic so here’s what not to when your flight gets cancelled… https://t.co/pyIE0kztRE
    • Is news of a $5-billion resort coming to Las Vegas — complete with ‘active lunar colony’ and ‘spaceship nightclub’ — a sign that travel is coming back better?… https://t.co/hBhCSJFvQr

Daily travel news for 2021-10-18: Paying more for travel, A must-read on travel post-pandemic and A date for vaccination passports

    • Russia is using Putin’s outdoor adventures to lure tourists to Siberia. I’m wondering if other countries could do the same thing with their leaders. Trudeau Tofino tours, anyone?… https://t.co/WwHiFTo4mZ

Daily travel news for 2021-10-15: Verifying vaccination status, First-class on Ryanair and Favourite German towns

covid certificate digital passport
    • The Canadian government might hand responsibility for verifying passengers’ vaccination status to #airport officers instead of airlines… https://t.co/4kGfAXh13g
    • Ryanair is a notoriously cheap #airline and you get what you pay for so this #travel expert chose to pay for every add-on to turn it into a “first-class” experience… https://t.co/0qFXYK7SUy
    • Just looking at this Balenciaga #travel pillow that sells for $650 and it is indistinguishable from the $4 one I bought at Dollarama… https://t.co/RwvrkY7U9z
    • As this #travel writer gently reminds us, take your family road trips when you can, because the day will come that your kids won’t want to travel with you anymore… https://t.co/RVBfz4ZSug
    • It’s nice that some billionaires are launching themselves and their friends into the cosmos, but maybe saving the planet should come first, says Prince William… https://t.co/mYgQSfAEku


Daily travel news for 2021-10-13: U.S. reopening, Alitalia’s demise and Airbnb’s rising prices

    • The United States will reopen its land border to fully vaccinated Canadians and Mexicans in early November, but there’s still no clarification on whether it will allow visitors with mixed vaccine doses… https://t.co/iSLhTRWzdc
    • If you haven’t booked an Airbnb lately, you’ll notice that they aren’t necessarily cheaper than a good hotel, thanks to increased fees… https://t.co/X5sxB6vjTV
    • Here’s how one family coped with having to quarantine in their destination for 10 extra days after one of their daughters tested positive for COVID… https://t.co/QCTULmpBCG