Daily travel news for 2022-05-12: Expert wants vaccine mandate scrapped for travellers, Road trip books and Travelling with teens

    • This Canadian infectious diseases physician suggests that it’s time to scrap federal vaccine mandates for travellers… https://t.co/NiTJRfnMM5
    • This dad says that high-speed internet is essential if you’re travelling with teens. Like the parents don’t want it for themselves… https://t.co/1Ub7QN8Cjy
    • Hawaiian Airlines is investing in electric ground effect vehicles to ferry passengers from island to island… https://t.co/QkfelmX1hF
    • Amid all the noise about sustainable #travel, why should we choose to listen to Prince Harry, a royal with a penchant for private jets… https://t.co/Tl0DI71OvZ


Daily travel news for 2022-05-11: The greatest decade for travel, Landing an airplane and Travellers are angy

    • The Telegraph has a series of nostalgic essays about what was the greatest decade for #travel. May I propose it’s whichever one you were young and first began to travel? https://t.co/vhJ7V8RCB6
    • One day, all of those hours I’ve logged on Microsoft Flight Simulator are going to pay off when something like this happens… https://t.co/9ZQUXLKSHB
    • Travel is back, but passengers are more badly behaved than ever, flight cancellations are common and airlines are hiking prices. No wonder travellers are angry… https://t.co/m3gF9wCafY
    • The first-ever direct commercial flights from Whitehorse and Yellowknife to Toronto took off yesterday thanks to service from Air North… https://t.co/kaPAH2eE7f

Daily travel news for 2022-05-10: Michelin Guide coming to Canada, Rethinking road trips and In praise of GPS

    • For the first time, the Michelin Guide will be reviewing restaurants in Canada, but only in Toronto for now. How long before it comes to Montreal?… https://t.co/L5G2iZ4dHR
    • Smartphones are fine for short jaunts, but if you’re going on a longer road trip, I’m a firm believer in equipping your car with a dedicated GPS… https://t.co/jMc0emZSfW
    • As the price of gas skyrockets, more people are considering electric cars, but how good are they for road trips?… https://t.co/8xW8MMbiOK
    • Even though your passport has an expiry date, don’t expect to be able to use it up until the final day. Many destinations want them to be valid for at least six months after you arrive. Here are some of those places… https://t.co/vPc8dcT9wP


Daily travel news for 2022-05-09: Liquids on planes, Cruise ship retirement homes and Balloons in space

    • New technology could spell the end of the liquid ban on flights. Now if we can only figure out a way to keep our shoes on… https://t.co/9EhiYkbyIF
    • Rockets are not the only way to get space tourists to the edge of space. This start-up wants to get you there by balloon… https://t.co/0PPMixtIRd


Daily travel news for 2022-05-06: Oktoberbest is back, Montreal’s melon and Skip salty in-flight snacks

    • Munich’s Oktoberfest will be back this year after a two-year hiatus. Pro tip? Check out Straubing’s volksfest for a more authentic Bavarian experience… https://t.co/D0CnQ8foDT
    • I’ve never tasted a Montreal melon, but I’m always interested in reading stories about the legendary fruit and efforts to reintroduce it… https://t.co/Ye3gFOH0md
    • The iconic windmill of the Moulin Rouge is now available to rent as a unique accommodation. https://t.co/yyeXhvYBza
    • ‘Medical tourists’ are travelling the world in search of the elixir of life. In the olden days, they would just make a trip to Lourdes… https://t.co/6djc6cqfOB



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