Daily travel news for 2023-03-15: Counting countries, Alternative spring break and China’s Great Reopening

    • When visiting every country in the world isn’t challenging enough, you can try visiting every region. No one’s done it yet… https://t.co/yR72KuSd34
    • Want to spend a Spring Break in #Florida that’s a bit out of the ordinary? How about volunteer to help clean up some of the damage left by Hurricane Ian?… https://t.co/Q8fDoGLMCT


Daily travel news for 2023-03-13: New Saudi airline, Travel influencers and Travel photos of the year

    • Saudi Arabia has launched a new national airline to compete against regional giants Emirates, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines… https://t.co/4PgMBnN4dF
    • Think your #travel photos are good? I didn’t see them in this list of winners of the 2023 National Geographic Travel Photos of the Year… https://t.co/5nw1bTx6y6

Daily travel news for 2023-03-01: Rising roaming fees, Travel insurance fine print and An upcycled amenity kit

    • A new Travel Foundation report dismisses the #travel industry’s current sustainability measures as “woefully inadequate.”… https://t.co/HX7zlUQNdV
    • Newfoundland isn’t the only place with a puffin patrol. There’s a town in Iceland which also pulls out all the stops to save lost pufflings… https://t.co/gRlnvFWJ7F



Daily travel news for 2023-02-28: A useful travel app, sleep tourism and Skipping inflight meals

texting on a smartphone
    • Is skipping inflight meals actually good for the environment or just a way for airlines to use greenwashing to cut costs?… https://t.co/pqiSMvPXvT
    • Kudos to the airline pilot who flew his plane in circles to show passengers the northern lights.… https://t.co/QalCprNm1c
    • Lufthansa has launched Green Fares to help assuage your flight shame but environmentalists say offsetting isn’t the answer… https://t.co/LaRCN6dJDs
    • It’s time to push back on those cash-grab fees that #hotels have been tacking on to customers’ bills for the past several years… https://t.co/FFN3R6zDr4

Daily travel news for 2023-02-14: Canada’s airport forecast, Eugene Levy’s new travel show and Rediscovering film cameras

Montreal Trudeau airport welcome to Canada sign
    • Eugene Levy’s new #travel series ‘The Reluctant Traveler’ sounds a lot like Richard Ayoade’s ‘Travel Man,’ but will it be as brilliant?… https://t.co/jdZ8YaDQdY
    • I’ve read essays like these of people who are rediscovering film cameras to capture their #travel memories, but you can’t convince me to go back… https://t.co/93X8pzXzZV
    • People moan about how horrible air #travel is today compared to the so-called ‘Golden Age’ of fifty years ago, but if you were living then, chances are you wouldn’t have even been able to afford to fly… https://t.co/s1iNZ8bs4b
    • So I asked this AI-powered #travel assistant for a can’t miss attraction in Puebla, Mexico and its answer was less than intelligible… https://t.co/aZaPkIG9BO