StreetMusicMap charts the world’s street musicians

One of the charming things you can encounter while you travel are street musicians that really give you a feel for a place. I was just in Cuba where music is everywhere. Musicians are found on every street corner and music spills out of numerous bars and restaurants.

StreetMusicMap aims to collect short videos of street musicians from various parts of the world. Click on the map and explore the sounds of our global village.

Have you been everywhere?

Canadian singer Hank Snow changed the words to the Australian song I’ve Been Everywhere to list the many places he’s visited in “this here land.”

The Johnny Cash version of the song is a staple on our road trip playlists. Whenever I hear it, I try to identify places that I’ve been in an effort to ascertain whether I’ve been everywhere, too.

I recently took the time to look at the lyrics and found that there are 90 places listed and realized that I’ve been to only a fraction of them. How about you? Here’s the list. Check the box for each place you’ve been, hit the submit button and let it tally up how many places you’ve visited and how you compare to the average visitor. Let us know in the comments how you fared.

What places from the song I've Been Everywhere have you visited?

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