Photos: The beauty of Canada during the winter

As much as Canadians love to complain about the cold during the winter and try our hardest to escape somewhere warm during the darkest season, the truth is that we secretly love it. It is part of who we are.

The photos below, one from each territory and province, show the beauty of the nation when it is blanketed in white. Soon enough, the spring will come with the return of birdsong and the scent of flowers and we get to rediscover the beauty of Canada in another season. We will enjoy it while it lasts, but remember that winter will be back again and will greet it happily when it arrives.

Photos: Magnificent views of Mexico

Mexico’s beaches are a welcome respite for Canadians fed up with a cold winter, but the country offers more than sunshine. It’s colours, culture, food and people are what make it a special destination. Enjoy these views of people who have visited or live there:

Photos: Views of China for the Lunar New Year

In honour of the Lunar New Year, here are some amazing photos from the world’s most populous nation, China. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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