Charmast 10,000 mAh Smallest Portable Charger

Charmast 10,000 mAh Smallest Portable Charger For many travellers, space is at a premium, especially for those who are already packing a suitcase full of personal electronics. For them, this tiny power bank from Charmast is one of the smallest in the market. Even though it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it can still pack a 10,000 mAh charge which is enough to recharge your devices more than once.

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I needed a fast charger with more charging ports for all my gadgets. Being out a lot, this charger comes in really handy. The unit is super light weight. The quality of superb. It came with 2 wires. There is a light indicator to show how much battery is left. There is also an indicator to show quick charge is activated. It took me 2 1/2 hours to charge the power bank fully. The unit isn’t hot at all when charging 2 things at the same time. I definitely recommend getting a power bank with at least 2 charging ports. A friend liked it so much, she bought one too. A+++
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