Photos: Planespotting around the world

One of the things I love most about travelling is flying. I’m not quite a full-fledged #AVgeek, but am not far off. Here are 10 great #planespotting photos of the last 10 airlines I flew with.

I flew back to Montreal from Frankfurt with Lufthansa on their new Premium Economy seats. They were pretty awesome.

Fiji Airways is a winner because it’s staffed by Fijians, possibly the world’s most friendly people. They’ve also got the airline industry’s best livery.

Cathay Pacific is famous for its service. Flying business class to Hong Kong from Toronto with them was a dream.
The regional Asian airline Dragon Air is top-notch, not surprisingly since it’s owned by Cathay Pacific.

Canadians love to complain about Air Canada, but they’ve never given me anything to bitch about and after flying any airline in the U.S., I am more than happy to be on an Air Canada flight.

Westjet is the scrappy underdog that tries a bit too hard to be like Southwest. I like flying with them, but wish they’d cut out the folksy schtick once in a while.

Flew on a Beaver floatplane that was older than me when I took the Harbour Air flight from Vancouver to Victoria. It was awesome!
Flew with Avianca to Bogota and was stuck in the middle of the middle row in economy. It was actually not as horrible as it sounds.
Took a short hop from Hanoi to Hue with Vietnam Airways and thought they were professional.
American Airlines is probably my favourite U.S. airline, but at the rate they keep merging, there aren’t so many to choose from. My last flight with them was on an LAX-JFK red-eye crunched against the window as I sat next to a morbidly-obese passenger who spilled into my seat. I did not get a lot of sleep.

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