Photo: The Cliffs of Moher in the rain

Way back in the pre-Internet days of 1985, I travelled with a friend to Ireland. It was my first overseas journey. I chose it as my destination to connect with my ancestral homeland.

We chose to explore the country by hitchhiking which meant we would sometimes have to earn our passage. This day, a truck driver picked us up in Galway and had us load heavy slate slabs he was delivering to Limerick. The slate was from the same geological formation that made up the famous Cliffs of Moher, illustrated in this fading photo I excavated from an old photo album. As a reward for our labours, the driver took us to the cliffs for a peek.

I remember that it was pouring rain and we were drenched as we surveyed the breathtaking seaside scene so we didn’t linger. We were the only people there and we stayed long enough to grab a few photos and go. I’d love to see it in the sunshine some day.

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