Daily travel links for 2017-06-05: Clever monkeys, overcrowded beaches and a new Dr. Seuss museum opens

    • The world’s shortest international flight is only 20 minutes long. Here are the destinations connected.… https://t.co/OXy0TMT9VI

Daily travel links for 2017-06-02: Social media and visas, no golden age and an aboriginal hotel

    • If you need to apply for a U.S. visa, you’ll have to share your social media account information.… https://t.co/jFHwczwVa8


Daily travel links for 2017-06-01: Fun flying facts, Taipei’s forest bus and Peru’s luxury train

    • Ever wonder why flying in the summer is so hellish? Here are some reasons you may not have thought of.… https://t.co/7lWTSWePyR

Daily travel links for 2017-05-31: Hotel rivals, magical mystery tours and airport robots

    • Interesting report about how Air Transat may have misled passengers and aviation officials about non-stop flights.… https://t.co/4HrX925r8n