Daily travel links for 2017-04-27: Instagram knows where you want to go, most-reviewed venues and South African beauty

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Photos: Superior views of South Africa

Today marks Freedom Day for South Africa, a national holiday that commemorates the nation’s first elections after the end of apartheid.

Then president Nelson Mandela said these words at the first commemoration of the holiday:

“As dawn ushered in this day, the 27th of April 1994, few of us could suppress the welling of emotion, as we were reminded of the terrible past from which we come as a nation; the great possibilities that we now have; and the bright future that beckons us. And so we assemble here today, and in other parts of the country, to mark a historic day in the life of our nation. Wherever South Africans are across the globe, our hearts beat as one, as we renew our common loyalty to our country and our commitment to its future.”

I was lucky enough to hear Mandela speak at a rally held in his honour in Montreal back in 1990. It was an inspiring experience.

Here is what South Africa looks like today:

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