Make your home office more inviting with these 5 pretty and practical touches

We’ve long decorated our desks and cubicles with reminders of places we’d rather be and people we’d rather be with which means photos of family and vacations are prominent.

With many of us working from home these past few months during the pandemic and many others possibly working there more often, or even permanently, our home offices are becoming less temporary which means it’s time to start upgrading them to make the long hours more enjoyable and more productive.  Below are a few suggestions.

Map of the world mouse mat

Map of the world mouse mat
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If you’re still using the tiny mouse pad that your dentist gave you twenty years ago, then you’re probably still using Windows 95. It’s time to update that tiny real estate with something a lot larger like this map of the world mouse mat. Not only will it have enough room for your mouse, but it will accommodate your keyboard as well and the world below your fingertips will remind you of places you’ve been and places you want to go once the world returns to some sort of normalcy.

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Illuminated mobile phone holder

Illuminated phone holder
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With so many meetings being held remotely via video these days, it’s time to ditch your laptop’s built-in camera with it’s unflattering head-on angle that makes it look like you’re waiting for a firing squad and instead use the camera in your mobile camera. Not only is it likely to be higher resolution, but you can use this illuminated holder to find the most flattering angle and improve the lighting so that you don’t look like The Shadow.

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Levitating magnetic globe

magnetic levitating globe
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Every desktop needs something you can fidget with while you’re on boring phone calls or need a distraction. This magnetic levitating globe fits the bill perfectly. Not only is it super cool to look at, but it’s another reminder that the world will always be there, waiting for you.

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Smart photo frame

Aura smart frame
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When was the last time you actually looked at your photos? Chances are they are stuffed away on a hard drive or on your phone, never to be seen again. Give them new life with a smart photo frame. Today’s digital frames are generations removed from the one you bought a decade ago. They are wifi-enabled and can stream photos from the cloud and you can even get other people, like family members or friends, to share their images to your stream. 

$259 on

Desktop succulent garden

succulent plant garden
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One of the downsides of being stuck indoors for so long is that you are out of touch with the natural world around you. Bring a touch of green to your desktop with a garden of succulent plants. These low-maintenance beauties will become your constant companions and remind you to disconnect every once in a while in order to get outside.

$100 on

Any other ideas on how to dress up your desktop while working from home? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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