Daily travel news for 2023-02-28: A useful travel app, sleep tourism and Skipping inflight meals

    • Is skipping inflight meals actually good for the environment or just a way for airlines to use greenwashing to cut costs?… https://t.co/pqiSMvPXvT
    • Kudos to the airline pilot who flew his plane in circles to show passengers the northern lights.… https://t.co/QalCprNm1c
    • Lufthansa has launched Green Fares to help assuage your flight shame but environmentalists say offsetting isn’t the answer… https://t.co/LaRCN6dJDs
    • It’s time to push back on those cash-grab fees that #hotels have been tacking on to customers’ bills for the past several years… https://t.co/FFN3R6zDr4
    • It’s not just hotels that gouge customers with ‘junk fees,’ airlines have them too. https://t.co/GgiubcSut1

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