Daily travel news for 2023-02-05: Changing travel habits, Talking with Americans and More train trips

    • According to this study, more Quebecers are choosing to #travel locally, but only a minority of them are ready to change their habits to mitigate the effects of climate change… https://t.co/6goCJzzcVh
    • Having travelled with some Americans in Europe recently, I can confirm that conversations between them and local people sound like this… https://t.co/7wU0lBcqG2
    • If you believe Pinterest is a good predictor of #travel trends then 2023’s biggest will be that we will take more train trips this year… https://t.co/NsWIfrhuXo
    • The paradox for ski resorts is that they are threatened by climate change, but because their operations are so energy-intensive, they are helping make things worse… https://t.co/1LICWgxhKg
    • One of the biggest factors affecting the recovery of the #travel industry from the pandemic is the absence of Chinese tourists… https://t.co/tD9eP5doPc
    • The Yucatan’s Mayan sites are its big attraction, but if you’re looking for something different consider the lost hacienda trail… https://t.co/kgPpMKi5aN


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