Daily travel news for 2022-11-04: No refunds for you, A Bourdain map and Another lame TikTok travel hack

    • Not sure how long Anthony Bourdain’s star will continue to shine, but these fans have compiled an obsessive list of the places he’s been and the meals he’s eaten and plotted it all on an interactive map… https://t.co/B6nOHPBgDK
    • This TikToker’s secret on how you can take 46 days of vacation with just 18 PTO days? Time your days off to stack up with statutory holidays. Wow, like no one has ever thought of that… https://t.co/x1yJ8u4LZg
    • I’ve had baggage handlers rip the handles off of my suitcases or smash the wheels, but I’ve never seen the level of carnage… https://t.co/tppduYSA80
    • With everyone rushing out to #travel the world again, you might think that the case for virtual experiences is closing, but there not everyone has the privilege of being able to actually leave their homes… https://t.co/5cGfsWxhyB


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