Daily travel news for 2022-10-31: Lowering travel expectations, Year-end lists coming early and More tourists behaving badly

    • When it comes to #travel, our expectations have been dampened down from Great to – at best – Fair to Middling and that’s a good thing… https://t.co/AsvcnQJRaq
    • Publications used to wait until the end of the year to list their top #travel destinations for the year ahead. Now there’s getting earlier and earlier like this National Geographic list… https://t.co/J7wyeLUey9
    • Another day, another tourist in Italy behaving badly. This one was posing nude in front of a cathedral.  https://t.co/okO0yAW57W
    • Did Vikings carve these runes in Oklahoma? Probably not, but it’s a cool story if they did and that matters more than the truth… https://t.co/J0CxFUKLlP


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