Daily travel news for 2022-09-21: Ottawa mulls ending COVID travel restrictions, Flying like a human and Maine’s last steamboat

    • It sounds like Ottawa will be lifting most of its COVID-era border restrictions by the end of the month. https://t.co/AeeOPbZ28n
    • This Maine lake was once a tourism hotspot where people would sail on one of its many steamboats, but today only one remains… https://t.co/NFXTLszCvF
    • If you are considering #travel this winter, book now before the lifting of COVID restrictions causes demand (and prices) go insane… https://t.co/UhYntng3uL
    • I love this story about an airline worker who babysat a passenger’s pet fish for four months because she wasn’t allowed to take it onboard… https://t.co/Srh4IvtnUv


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