Daily travel news for 2022-07-26: Blame TikTok, Working to go on vacay and Airlines’ bleak future

    • Travel executives have been searching for scapegoats on which to blame this summer’s airport chaos instead of themselves. Heathrow’s boss is blaming a TikTok wheelchair ‘travel hack.’ … https://t.co/fXPgzggI8y
    • This article from Fortune about the ‘new world’ of air travel is an interesting read. TLDR: Expect airlines in the future to charge more, fly fewer flights and to do it less reliably… https://t.co/rJCD8lFwjh
    • This writer argues that airlines should offer child-free flights, no matter the cost. Self-centred, maybe?… https://t.co/rS7yE0ToLy
    • The climate crisis is for poor people, not the celebrity rich who use their private jets for three-minute flights.… https://t.co/66JdcV9pL6
    • On their deathbed, nobody looks back and wishes they’d taken less time off so take your holiday time while you can.… https://t.co/bPlkUYaHUH
    • Nepal is banning TikTokers from some of its tourist sites because it says they have become a nuisance.… https://t.co/jNr55d5zQX
    • The head of Frankfurt Airport says some of this summer’s travel chaos could be avoided if people didn’t all insist on flying with black luggage… https://t.co/ekifQtszsK
    • If you want to be a #travel influencer these days you need a gimmick in order to stand out. This guy travels the world with three cats on his shoulder… https://t.co/XiiNOHtB6l
    • This traveller refuses to sleep on planes because he snores. I only wish I could sleep on planes.… https://t.co/PndpiwsFam


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