Daily travel news for 2022-07-12: Ongoing travel chaos, Vintage subway excursions and Opting out of int’l travel

    • This survey says most Canadians are opting out of international #travel this summer, but it’s not clear if that’s different from any other summer… https://t.co/EGleGZuHk1
    • Bringing souvenirs home from your travels is nothing new. Even the ancient Romans did it and the practice is not as trivial as you think… https://t.co/laVVUyi41o
    • Author Daniel Pink offers 5 surprising tips for getting the most out of your trip abroad, including one that I always recommend… https://t.co/TUu1dT4qcq
    • Parks Canada is giving away 4,000 annual passes in a contest targeting American travellers. https://t.co/wal5y7N95a
    • Can’t tell the difference between Ursa Major and Ursa Minor? This Florida hotel’s constellation concierge can help… https://t.co/ulTxnG3Ypy


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