Daily travel news for 2022-06-29: Airbnb’s party ban, Expensive watches and Cruise lines dropping cruise from their names

    • Airbnb has permanently banned parties and events around the world, but don’t worry, they’ve removed their cap of 16 guests per reservation… https://t.co/6HgE6EOPxv
    • After a celeb had his luxury watch stolen in Naples, the local tourism boss suggested hotels loan guests cheap replacements. Better solution? Keep your $40,000 watch at home… https://t.co/8rP8IbRyN8
    • Viking is the latest cruise line to drop the word ‘cruise’ from its branding. Draw your own conclusions.… https://t.co/391A8wQI8d
    • Who believes this stuff? I highly doubt we’ll see a nuclear-powered flying hotel any time soon, especially one that stays aloft for years at a time… https://t.co/Umf3AuhYGc


    • This writer warns that you might be out of practice at knowing how to relax while on vacation.… https://t.co/C6BBrhp9CU


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