Daily travel news for 2022-06-23: That liquid ban, Misbehaving travellers and People are getting worse

    • This US airport displays all the forbidden liquids travellers tried to bring, demonstrating what a ridiculous rule it is… https://t.co/fmqLeWk8IA
    • ‘Passengers Need to Learn How to Behave on Planes Again’ reads the headline. Let’s correct that to ‘People need to learn how to behave again.’ https://t.co/Fzz8hR1ps1
    • Remember how we were going to travel different after the pandemic? People are actually worse… https://t.co/lJNy9VFFkB
    • If you want the safari industry to benefit Africans, consider going on an ‘ethical’ safari. https://t.co/FS5GhqYVg7
    • I think someone wasn’t paying attention when they gave the safety demonstration before the plane took off. https://t.co/od5kzZeUCY


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