Daily travel news for 2022-06-21: The dark side to resorts, An epic bus trip and Saving points or burning them

    • How does an epic 70-day bus trip from Delhi to London that passes through China and Russia sound about now?… https://t.co/Ke4yWVHN1U
    • Inflation is chipping away at your travel rewards points. It’s better to burn them than save them.… https://t.co/9TwZTrEPZ4
    • Instead of offering miniature bottles of soaps and shampoos, this #hotel company will furnish its room’s bathrooms with full-sized bottles… https://t.co/H6FwI9eh2e
    • On the plus side, unvaccinated Canadians can board planes as of today. On the negative side, it won’t help reduce the delays travellers are experiencing in the nation’s airports.https://t.co/cetwfQUOyX
    • Airlines, hotels, and entertainment venues are strategically incorporating scents into the ‘tourism experience’ to get you to come back… https://t.co/svvEXxDck6


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