Daily travel news for 2022-05-11: The greatest decade for travel, Landing an airplane and Travellers are angy

    • The Telegraph has a series of nostalgic essays about what was the greatest decade for #travel. May I propose it’s whichever one you were young and first began to travel? https://t.co/vhJ7V8RCB6
    • One day, all of those hours I’ve logged on Microsoft Flight Simulator are going to pay off when something like this happens… https://t.co/9ZQUXLKSHB
    • Travel is back, but passengers are more badly behaved than ever, flight cancellations are common and airlines are hiking prices. No wonder travellers are angry… https://t.co/m3gF9wCafY
    • The first-ever direct commercial flights from Whitehorse and Yellowknife to Toronto took off yesterday thanks to service from Air North… https://t.co/kaPAH2eE7f

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