Daily travel news for 2022-05-10: Michelin Guide coming to Canada, Rethinking road trips and In praise of GPS

    • For the first time, the Michelin Guide will be reviewing restaurants in Canada, but only in Toronto for now. How long before it comes to Montreal?… https://t.co/L5G2iZ4dHR
    • Smartphones are fine for short jaunts, but if you’re going on a longer road trip, I’m a firm believer in equipping your car with a dedicated GPS… https://t.co/jMc0emZSfW
    • As the price of gas skyrockets, more people are considering electric cars, but how good are they for road trips?… https://t.co/8xW8MMbiOK
    • Even though your passport has an expiry date, don’t expect to be able to use it up until the final day. Many destinations want them to be valid for at least six months after you arrive. Here are some of those places… https://t.co/vPc8dcT9wP


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