Daily travel news for 2022-04-11: Atlanta regains its title, A new train travel guide and Loving nature to death

    • Travelling to the far side of the world to appreciate nature might not actually be good for nature.… https://t.co/wQlXAEidof
    • Get ready! The world’s first NFT flight is coming. I can barely contain my lack of excitement, let alone my sarcasm… https://t.co/Mn55UgcCWE
    • This is a conundrum. Vintage train journeys in the UK are at risk as they are running out of coal, but should we actually be burning it for such frivolous purposes?… https://t.co/EiwbBXGL70
    • So the technicality about #Japan lifting its #travel ban on foreign countries is that it is not actually issuing visas for travellers from those places… https://t.co/3SvU6ZzQNn
    • Not all #travel is about planes and trains. German bus giant FlixBus, which operates in 37 countries, has entered the southern Ontario market… https://t.co/p9egJctd1D
    • Kind of surprised that the largest ever fines levied against unruly passengers in the US had nothing to do with face masks… https://t.co/OnJIHH533R


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