Daily travel news for 2022-04-04: Japan slow to re-open, Check in with your plants and The pandemic is not over

    • Countries across Asia are reopening borders to tourists, but #Japan continues to turn them away. And the country isn’t in a hurry to change… https://t.co/VqVrYMuVqB
    • I had to check that this story about a Kentucky #hotel inviting guests to bring their houseplants was not actually published on April Fools Day… https://t.co/jTSGf70GIa
    • Canada may have dropped test requirement for travellers, but the pandemic isn’t over and other rules remain.… https://t.co/zHFAVuzbGs
    • Every #hotel has its own signature scent. In the fancy ones, it’s hand-crafted and intentionally chosen. In the less fancy ones it comes naturally… https://t.co/Rqq8iMgy3Y
    • Celebrity Cruises, in collaboration with Annie Leibowitz and other photographers, is launching a free, open-source travel photo library that features more diversity than most… https://t.co/Tpy59djk7D
    • Frustrated that this #airline wouldn’t help him find his lost bag, this passenger hacked their website so he could locate it… https://t.co/UAWyhwujoJ


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