Daily travel news for 2022-03-30: Travel’s rising price tag, Strategic stopovers and Restriction-free destinations

    • Headline: “Travel editor explains how ‘so much pent-up demand’ will transform the industry”Actual story: Travel will be more expensive… https://t.co/wpwCMWOxdJ
    • How much vacation time is enough to attract and retain staff? Is 25 days a good starting point?… https://t.co/K4PrVaEpUd
    • Go green at these amazing climate-friendly resorts, reads the headline. Don’t worry about the emissions from your flight to get to any of them… https://t.co/0m9Js1ygGK
    • Worried about your carbon footprint when you #travel? Don’t worry, there’s “a holistic solution to measure and cost-effectively purchase offsetting projects that empower the travel sector to impact the planet positively.” … https://t.co/c9UGhdU9WJ


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