Daily travel news for 2022-03-24: High gas prices, Passport renewal delays and Air France cutting domestic flights

    • This story offers advice on how to soften the blow of high gas prices on your road trip. As someone who’s taken a lot of road trips, the thing that is actually the biggest expense are your hotels and meals… https://t.co/TtNENHsCwt
    • Just a reminder that if you’re planning on travelling internationally for the first time in two years and need to get your passport renewed, don’t wait because there are backlogs and delays.… https://t.co/J2sHIwbpDW
    • It’s interesting to note that France will suspend short-haul flights as of April as a way of cutting emissions. It helps that they have a high-speed rail network as an alternative… https://t.co/M1M2YhVE0F
    • Provinces might be easing their COVID-19 restrictions, but unvaccinated Canadians still can’t board planes or trains… https://t.co/qjqj9NDL7K
    • Here’s another reminder as to why you shouldn’t post a photo of your boarding pass online. https://t.co/V0QDTRmrvJ

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