Daily travel news for 2022-02-24: Closing Ukraine’s airspace, Rising Disney prices and Extending America’s mask mandate

    • Talking about vacations and #travel seems kind of trivial in light of what’s happening in Ukraine, but the closure of the country’s airspace will have an impact on airline travel… https://t.co/QY78SDxfNG
    • A recent report said that a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim is now nearly twice as expensive as travelling to Disney’s theme park in France… https://t.co/UutEKRQdJo
    • America’s largest flight attendants’ union is pushing the Biden administration to extend the federal mask mandate… https://t.co/lTbf1LRHFT
    • If you haven’t been on a trip lately, but are about to find yourself flying basic economy on a low-cost #airline, here are some tips on how to survive… https://t.co/PcYAO1Clt5
    • A cryptocurrency for frequent flyers? Sounds like a solution looking for a problem that doesn’t exist… https://t.co/7oTbSMaMKB


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