Daily travel news for 2022-01-25: EU eying new COVID procedures, A cool LEGO globe and Carrying spare eyeglasses

    • The EU is recommending that vaccinated residents should not be required to undergo COVID testing or quarantine measures… https://t.co/lqMy9CmVUi
    • There’s definitely a Venn diagram intersection of people that will totally dig this LEGO globe.… https://t.co/hpscObrdhH
    • Even if a flight is half empty, you can’t self-upgrade to business class. You might start a riot, like these passengers did… https://t.co/9LG9skJcpr
    • As expected, more tourist destinations are requiring COVID-19 boosters before you enter, including these 7 examples… https://t.co/gjaLZqLAtg


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