Daily travel news for 2022-01-11: Avoid Canada, Tourists bring invasive species to Antarctica and New York Times’ 52 places for 2022

    • The CDC is advising Americans to avoid #travel to Canada due to rising COVID-19 case counts. Never mind that American friends. Today’s temperature in Montreal with wind chill is -38C so you might want to stay away anyway… https://t.co/j1Fv84bq7i
    • Maybe letting all those cruise ships visit #Antarctica wasn’t a good idea after all. A new report warns that invasive species are hitchiking on arriving ships… https://t.co/g3kurVBk1Z
    • This year’s list of 52 places to visit from @nytimestravel might be a little America-heavy, not surprising given their audience, but maybe they’ll make people reconsider how they choose their travel destinations… https://t.co/fWQj6lRz83


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