Daily travel news for 2022-01-10: Influencer troll job, Sustainability fees and Most downloaded travel apps

    • A GoFundMe campaign from a Sunwing influencer looking to raise $40K to get home is either tone-deaf or a brilliant troll job… https://t.co/aMWXldlA5a
    • If you hate when hotels add resort fees to your bill, wait until you see Marriott’s new “Sustainability Fee.” You don’t want to pay. What, are you against the environment or something?… https://t.co/VLDpCNwliU
    • If you base your #travel decisions on your Zodiac sign (and who doesn’t?) then, as a Virgo, I should be heading to Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit this year… https://t.co/3oHnWWS2uz
    • #Hotels may be looking at ways to eliminate single-use toiletries to cut down on waste, but those little soaps aren’t going anywhere… https://t.co/oPvHjna37x


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