Daily travel news for 2021-12-20: Yet more travel warnings, Provincial restrictions and Stolen airline schools

    • Amidst rumours that Canada may further tighten #travel restrictions, the country’s transport minister warns there is a ‘high risk’ other countries could change their own border rules in coming days and weeks which could stand Canadians abroad. … https://t.co/qnf5HRb4Jn
    • It’s not just Ottawa that has changed #travel rules because of Omicron. Various provinces and territories have imposed their own restrictions… https://t.co/qa92TGcCZp
    • As a long-time purloiner of #airline cutlery, I was especially entertained by this mini-history of modern aviation as told in stolen spoons… https://t.co/CSwYdiedq5
    • Despite all the evidence that #travel bans do little to stop the spread of COVID, they remain popular with the majority of Canadians which is why politicians will keep imposing them… https://t.co/o3tZmpr73E
    • In an ironic twist, a day after the CEO of Southwest testified before a maskless Senate hearing that masks don’t do much, he tested positive for COVID… https://t.co/4lonPfzVDT


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