Daily travel news for 2021-12-10: Buying travel on credit, Pearl Harbour side-effect and More COVID warnings

    • Buying for #travel and paying later is a recent trend that’s taking off. Here’s what you need to know about the practice… https://t.co/eOvTClOYlt
    • This week marked the 80th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. Here’s how it forced the world’s first around-the-world commercial flight… https://t.co/L5DK13YG41
    • This writer predicts that tourism will return to its roots as a luxury good because it will become too expensive for the middle-class… https://t.co/jacCDtF3nc
    • COVID cases in Canada could quadruple by January which had the Health Minister warming travellers today that it could cause problems with their future plans… https://t.co/kyRfi56rTB


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