Daily travel news for 2021-12-08: High air prices in B.C., Samsonite CEO’s travel forecast and Your face as ID

    • With highways closed in BC, people are turning to air #travel and finding prices that are beyond exorbitant. Airlines deny price gouging saying it’s simply supply and demand in action… https://t.co/1Do9qc9SBQ
    • Samsonite’s CEO predicts that #travel will be back in 2022 but but it will be different because all those other travel predictions have been so accurate over the past 20+ months… https://t.co/j6grq9TVlS
    • The InterContinental #Hotel brand was established 75 years ago by Juan Trippe, founder of Pan American Airways, at the request of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Here’s the rest of the story… https://t.co/HvwCpI6IyM
    • Hostelworld and G Adventures have joined forces to launch ‘Roamies,’ a collection of 38 tours in 15 countries staying in 50 hostels… https://t.co/MDO6LklLA6

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